Dance Teacher International: Farewell to Ecuador
September 27, 2011

The Ecuador trip was a success, and I’m now back in the States. For my last blog, I wanted to reflect on how thankful I am to be a dance educator.


I feel lucky that my passion for dance and teaching enabled me to travel to Inca ruins, explore 16th century art in an otherwise cloistered convent and inspire children at Los Lojas school. (Not to mention this trip also provided the perfect backdrop to propose to my now fiancé!) This was a summer that used dance the way I believe it should be used—as a way to connect cultures, form friendships and foster dialog through learning. Nothing fills me with the same joy as teaching dance and sharing my passion with others.


Too often a career in dance is only equated with performing. But I’ve always known that was not for me. To me, there is nothing more fulfilling or life changing than when I am pushed beyond my comfort zone and commit fully and creatively to the educational process. I’ll take these experiences over any curtain call at Lincoln Center.



Adam Holms is director of ballet education for The Performing Arts Center of Connecticut. For the past three years, he’s traveled to Guayaquil Ecuador to bring dance education to students, ages 6–18.

Stay tuned for Adam’s tips for keeping male dancers engaged and participatory in an upcoming issue of Dance Teacher!


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