Dance on TV
June 18, 2012

It’s true, dance has taken over many a primetime television slot. We think it’s great that our world is reaching a larger audience, especially since most actual dancers and dance teachers are likely spending their evening hours logging studio and rehearsal time instead of plopped in front of the screen. Even so, everyone needs a break now and then, and what better  way to relax than getting caught up on all your guilty dance-TV pleasures! Zealots can set their DVRs as follows:


Monday: Bunheads, Gilmore Girls creator Amy Sherman-Palladino latest snappy-dialogued, family-friendly show, starring Sutton Foster as a ballet studio owner.


Tuesday: The notorious Dance Moms. Love her or hate her, Abby Lee is dominating the small screen.


Wednesday: So You Think You Can Dance—practically a classic at this point! Definitely one of the first mainstream shows to feature dancing.


Thursday: Breaking Pointe, with all the drama of Jersey Shore (well, maybe not quite that much, but the season is young…) in the setting of a ballet company.


Friday: Nothing slated, yet, but stay tuned. It’s a long summer…


What are you and your students watching?



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