Dance Kicks Butt on Kickstarter
August 27, 2012

You may recall an earlier post about 2011 Capezio ACE winner Al Blackstone’s show, “Happy We’ll Be,” as it premiered in NYC a few weeks ago. You may have also noticed the show had a successful Kickstarter page that well exceeded its $12,000 goal. As it turns out, this is not a freak incident.


Data shows that dance is the most successful Kickstarter category, beating out theater, music, art, film, music and more and earning $2.36 million so far in donated funds. Generally speaking, fewer than 50 percent of Kickstarter projects meet their goals to receive funding, but the odds are much more favorable for dancers, with a 70 percent success rate.


Theories abound as to why dance is raking in the dough on Kickstarter, but one thing’s for certain: it’s a great resource for your students. Encourage them to take advantage of this user-friendly fundraising platform. Read more about Kickstarter here.

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