COUNTDOWN TO 2017 #2: Let Yourself Chillax With a 3-Minute Yoga Flow
December 30, 2016

We’re counting down to January 1st with great ideas for your studio and teaching practice in the new year. Check back each day for a new tip!

Yoga classes that incorporate all aspects of the practice, from philosophy and breath work to poses and meditation, have the most to offer. A good class will balance internal and external rotation in the hips and shoulders, stability with mobility in the torso and even the exhale of breath with the inhale. Perhaps most helpful of all, yoga draws us into the present moment, settling our attention so that the mind can begin to quiet. Students are encouraged to work from the inside out; to let go of attachment to specific shapes and tune in to the felt experience of each pose. By freeing dancers from fixating on the mirror, yoga can deepen a dancer’s kinesthetic intelligence and depth as a performer.

In the practice of tadasana (mountain pose), the simple act of standing still opens up layers of awareness and experience. It can be a great way to begin or end the standing portion of a dance technique class. Try a mini practice with yoga instructor Susan Kraft guiding you.



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