Codifying Wayne McGregor
April 19, 2013

Maria Kochetkova and Lonnie Weeks in Wayne McGregor’s Borderlands at the 2013 YAGP galaEach year, Youth America Grand Prix closes its New York City finals with a “Stars of Today Meet the Stars of Tomorrow” gala. This year’s highlight, aside from seeing the finalists take the huge David H. Koch Theater stage at Lincoln Center, was getting a glimpse of a pas de deux from Wayne McGregor’s ballet, Borderlands. (And it was performed by San Francisco Ballet’s Maria Kochetkova and Lonnie Weeks!) Mr. McGregor, I’m not sure how you so effortlessly incorporate smooth floorwork and pointe shoes, or how you find so many ways to use the torso, or how you disguise otherwise flashy steps within seamless partnering, but I sure would like to figure it out.

Well, that may not be so far from reach. A new project between the Creative Learning Department and R-Research in London involves working with scientists to develop curriculum based off of McGregor’s process, focusing on how he works with his dancers and creates material. The project is publicized to launch sometime in 2013, with research and workshops for teachers. Click here for more information.

Photo by Liza Voll

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