Closing The Learning Gap
September 5, 2012

If the start of the new school year has left you stressed, check out this video from Edutopia. I’m sure it will pick you up on this workweek’s humpday. (It did for me, at least!)

The clip takes a look into Bates Middle School in Maryland, which became an arts integration school 2009, after suffering from poor student engagement and uninspired faculty. This means that all Bates’ courses, from science to geography, must incorporate the arts as a way of funneling information to its students. The method allows teachers to reach every kind of learner in the classroom and get them truly excited about their education. After implementing the program, the school has seen suspension rates drop 23 percent and test scores climb higher than the state average.

I may be preaching to the choir, but a boost to remember why you sweat and toil each day is never a bad thing.

Above: Students in a dance class at Bates Middle School

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