"City.ballet." Returns for a Second Season!
April 7, 2014

Robert Fairchild and Tiler Peck, in an eternal embrace. (They’re engaged.)

If you enjoyed AOL’s original web series “city.ballet.” as much as we did, you’ll be pleased to hear that the Sarah Jessica Parker–produced series has been renewed for a second season. We’re looking forward to more glimpses of the inner lives of New York City Ballet’s ballerinas and danseurs—and, of course, to more dancing. Here’s hoping “city.ballet.” remains as drama-free as it did last go-round, and that the webisodes are a bit longer this season (most clocked in around five minutes last season)! I’d also love to see Andy Veyette and Megan Fairchild (my favorite NYCB couple) get some more face time, just as I think it would be really interesting for AOL to do an episode on the many sibling pairs that exist within the company (Tyler and Jared Angle, Megan and Robert Fairchild, Jonathan and Abi Stafford). But whatever’s on the docket for this season—no official premiere date yet—it’ll be a treat to learn more about the dancers in this renowned company.

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