City.ballet." Recap: Episode 10, “Finale
January 14, 2014

All good things must come to an end, and this is the (relative) end of “city.ballet.”—though the entire season will continue to live online, for your repeated viewing pleasure. In classic wrap-up style, several of the New York City Ballet dancers talk about their non-ballet interests, stressing the need to have a life outside of the theater to maintain sanity and even improve personal artistry. Ashley Bouder is in school, pursuing a degree in political science; Georgina Pazcoguin has her real estate license; Sara Mearns is learning to be a true New Yorker; Megan Fairchild talks about wanting to start a family. If anything, this web series has done a commendable job of reminding viewers that professional dancers are people, not stereotypes.

That’s not to diminish their obviously intense obsession with and love for their jobs as ballet dancers, however. When Ashley Bouder speaks of how performing is “something you can have only with a lover, but you can have it with everybody onstage,” it’s easy to remember why so many of us relentlessly pursue this artform.

Can’t get enough of “city.ballet.”? Don’t worry—there are plenty of extras on Check out the “Behind the Scenes” mini videos, with titles like “The Hair” (there is much hairspray), “Outside the Box” (apparently most NYCB dancers have sailor mouths, once offstage), “The Shoes” (it took Ashley Bouder two years to find a version of a new pointe shoe that she felt completely comfortable with), “The Makeup” (hello, pancake faces!) and “If I Wasn’t Dancing” (the Angle brothers think they might have a future in music).  An added perk is that several of these mini-episodes are conducted by Sarah Jessica Parker! Feel free to be starstruck.

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