Chloé Arnold: I Like a Teacher Who Gives Me Room to Move
December 1, 2015

Photo by Kylie Shea, courtesy of Arnold

In our December issue, we hear what professional dancers have to say about their go-to teachers.

Chloé Arnold

Tap dancer, founder, Syncopated Ladies

New York, NY, and Los Angeles, CA

“I enjoy teachers who are confident and trained to understand musicality and phrasing. Their choreography should have room to move and be expressive. That teacher is also a trained improviser, because that’s a language you speak as a tapper. When it’s incorporated, we’re speaking that language together.

Ted Louis Levy has the full package, from technique to improv. His class challenges your awareness: listening and paying attention to detail. I’m refining my craft, so having someone who pays attention to what my options could have been in any given moment as an improviser is the best.”

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