Cherylyn Lavagnino Dance Is at Danspace This Weekend!
May 15, 2015

Lavagnino spent nine years as dance department chair for NYU.

Here at DT, we love to hear what people we’ve covered in the past are up to right now—and we’re pleased to report that Cherylyn Lavagnino is currently enjoying a weekend run at Danspace in New York City! Lavagnino, who you might remember from our September 2014 issue, gave up her position as dance department chair for New York University so that she could devote more time to running her company. Looks like her career change is paying off!

If you’re in the city and looking for weekend plans, Lavagnino’s company will perform at Danspace through Saturday night. The company will present two recent works, Ru and Snapshots, as well as the premiere of Nadĕje.

CLD in Nadĕje

Photos from top: by Annemarie Poyo Furlong, courtesy of NYU; by Charles Roussel, courtesy of CLD

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