Celebrating 100 Years of Sokolow
November 29, 2001

“[M]y works never have real endings. [T]hey just stop and fade out, because I don’t believe there is any final solution to the problems of today. All I can do is provoke the audience into an awareness of them.” – Anna Sokolow

Just like her revolutionary choreography, Anna Sokolow’s contributions to the dance world have never truly ended. On February 9, 2010, Sokolow, a pioneer of American dance, would turn 100. To commemorate the dancer and choreographer, Jim May, director of the Sokolow Theatre Dance Ensemble, announces the beginning of the celebration of her 100th anniversary… and it starts this week!

May is currently holding a series of lectures (through Oct. 22) at the New School, which will feature rare Sokolow videos. He will also teach Sokolow’s “Lyric Suite,” her 1953 piece that she saw as a personal artistic turning point, in the New School Dance Department.

Two sections of “Lyric Suite,” will be performed this Thursday-Sunday at Joyce SoHo by Catherine Gallant/DANCE. Choreography by Isadora Duncan and José Limon will also be performed.

Sokolow choreography will continue to be showcased throughout 2010. For more information, check out the Sokolow Theatre Dance Ensemble’s web site: www.sokolowtheatredance.org

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