Celebrated Choreographer Lar Lubovitch Becomes a Professor at UCI
September 14, 2017

In one of the expansive, sunlit dance studios at the University of California, Irvine, Lar Lubovitch throws out some nuggets of wisdom about the movement quality he seeks. “If you’re not breathing, the dynamics are flat,” he says. “You can’t capture my interest if it’s a flat line.” He particularly insists on the play of tension and release his choreography demands, how the energy emanates from the coiling of the spine: “You’re just getting into poses, instead of a spiral so extreme it has to unspiral.”

In July 2016, the university bestowed the title of Distinguished Professor on Lubovitch. At 74, the celebrated choreographer still possesses the deftness to demonstrate some of his steps, although he relies on former Lubovitch company dancer Katarzyna Skarpetowska, now a répétiteur, to fully flesh out the dance phrases for the 25 students in class. They’re learning a solo called “Pardon my Affection,” from Thus is All, a ballet he created for the Royal Danish Ballet in 1998.

Previously, Lubovitch’s experience at the higher education level had been setting works on The Julliard School Dance Division and other university dance departments. But what compels him to teach at this stage of his career? Check out this slideshow of images of Lubovitch in the classroom to learn why he’s going back to school.

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