BuzzFeedVideo Tells the Basic Story of Life Through Dance, and It’s Incredible
December 9, 2016

Sometimes it feels good not to be normal. Or at least when normal is defined as average. BuzzFeedVideo released a video that lists (in chronological order) the average ages at which every major milestone happens in a person’s life—first time you lose a tooth, first kiss, giving birth for the first time. Best of all, it’s a dance film! Twelve dancers take turns playing different roles: mother, father, child, lover. It’s a bare set, with just some hanging bulbs, an all-white background and occasional props like a door or a bed, but it’s a surprisingly moving video. Well, not that surprising—we know dance’s ability to make you feel emotional, don’t we?

BuzzFeed doesn’t reveal who choreographed this gem, but it’s clearly someone with an eye for film—did you realize that it’s just one long, fluid shot? So we’re talking about minutely rehearsed entrances, exits, partnering and general interactions. Major props.

So how many of these milestone ages do you match up with? I found myself enjoying it most when the life milestones didn’t match up with the age I experienced them.

Check it out:

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