Bringing Ballet to the Virtual World
May 16, 2013

You know you’re living in the future when dancers in Amsterdam can appear live onstage in a performance happening thousands of miles away in Toronto. Stream was presented as part of the Assemblée Internationale, a weeklong conference hosted by Canada’s National Ballet School. Dancers at the AI performed and interacted with a screen projection of students at the Dutch National Ballet Academy. Participants in Holland constructed the same setup, streaming a video of the AI students in real time. “It broadens their horizons,” choreographer Shaun Amyot told CBC News. “It requires them to be in the moment, really present, and intensifies their concentration, because I will ask them to physically react to what they see on the screen in the moment.” How’s that for keeping ballet current?

Virtual dance pen pals at a sister studio could be an inspiring and collaborative project for your students. Click here for tips on integrating video chat into your classroom.

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