This Nutritionist Has the Perfect Breakfast Recipe for Dancers
August 3, 2018

Leslie Bonci, consulting nutritionist at Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre, shares one of her favorite breakfast recipes for dancers: overnight oatmeal.

“Because my dancers are never consistent about their food—meaning they often skip meals—I’m adamant about having them eat enough to support their bodies. I recommend an overnight oatmeal. It’s easy and cheap, and you can make a lot of it. It’s low-calorie, and it contains fiber, so you can get through morning classes and not feel overly starved or overly stuffed. Feel free to adjust the recipe to your own flavor profile.”


1/2 cup dry oats

1/2 cup pumpkin

1/2 cup Greek yogurt

pumpkin spice seasoning


Mix ingredients together

Serve immediately, store in refrigerator overnight or
heat up.

QAdd cinnamon, honey, maple syrup
or fruit, if you like.

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