Boston Ballet’s Human Sculpture
October 13, 2015

Last Wednesday, Boston Ballet took part in a special event at the Rose F. Kennedy Greenway Conservancy. Twelve male company dancers re-created a moving human sculpture from the first movement of Third Symphony of Gustav Mahler: A Ballet by John Neumeier, which they will perform October 22November 1.

The event was a collaboration with artist Janet Echelman, whose aerial sculpture As If It Were Already Here has been on display in the park since May 2015. The juxtaposition of dance and sculpture was designed to expose the Boston public to the beauty of the two artforms.

Check out these stunning photos from the event:

Four French horn players accompanied the dancers.

Echelman’s sculpture is suspended over the park.

Greenway, as seen from above

A panoramic shot of the Greenway

Boston Ballet’s 2015-16 season begins October 22. For more info, visit:

Photos by Liza Voll Photography, courtesy of Boston Ballet

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