Bill Evans presents Why I Can't Not Dance at NDEO
November 7, 2014

The cast of Why I Can’t Not Dance

Dance Teacher is at the National Dance Educators Organization conference this week in Chicago, and we’re loving the chance to meet and talk with so many folks in our community. Last night was the big kickoff reception and Bill Evans unveiled a new work, Why I Can’t Not Dance.

A few years ago, Barry Blumenfeld (DT Ask the Experts columnist) told us about a special interest group he had formed for men in dance. Now, some might say that though men are a minority in dance, they are a highly visible and privileged minority. But as Barry told the NDEO crowd last night, there is an unaddressed need for balance in our field. “Every dance educator working with males today has questions.” The group has been meeting to discuss those questions, and last night 21 of them performed this powerful and touching piece.

It’s a long video but definitely worth 30 minutes of your time. We really love the part where Evans reveals how the piece came together. The men each created a movement phrase based on quotes like these (from research by Doug Risner) :

“Dance isn’t gay or straight. Dance is my body and soul.”

“I dance because I was forbidden to.”

Photo courtesy of NDEO

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