August 2015
August 1, 2015

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  • The Art of Giving Back

    There’s something very special about an artist who takes time out of her very crowded professional life to giveMore »

  • Full Spectrum

    Choreographer Camille A. Brown’s new community outreach project challenges the perceptions and dreams of young black women.

    Thirty-five black girlsMore »

  • 10 Years Later

    New Orleans Ballet Association has staged a remarkable comeback after Hurricane Katrina.

    A glance at Google Maps told JennyMore »

  • Is This the End of Jazz?

    Seven experts share their thoughts on the state of jazz today and the role of dance educators in shapingMore »

  • Tracie Stanfield

    How I teach contemporary/lyrical

    “And one and two and three and four!” Tracie Stanfield accents each count with a staccatoMore »

  • Final Pose


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