August 2006
August 1, 2006

Innovation in the Desert

What makes Arizona State University’s dance department one of the best in the country? Faculty members talk rigor, international exchange and the power of technology.

Dancers Are Scholars, Too

Making the case for choreographic research in colleges and universities

Test Case

Plans for an AP dance course and exam are gaining momentum.

Integrating Transfer Students

Help students make a smooth transition into your class.


Looks to send you back to school in style

Maurice Hines

The performer-turned-choreographer chats about his Broadway show, his love for dancers and his brother, Gregory.

A Dash of History

Hints for incorporating dance history into your technique classes

Performance Planner: Masterpiece Theater

Ideas for your next performance may be no farther than a trip to the museum.

The 2006 Music Guide

More than 25 companies share their latest class and performance music releases.

Ask the Experts

Advice on the effectiveness of direct mail marketing and correcting bad habits formed during summer study

Peril in Pliés

Liability insurance is essential for your studio.

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