August 2005
August 1, 2005

A Whole New Boal Game

New York City Ballet principal Peter Boal says farewell to the Big Apple to take on the top job at Pacific Northwest Balet.

Charting a New Course

DT presents the basics of starting a charter school.

Permission Granted

A quick guide to finding, getting and managing grant funds

Getting to the Pointe

Beginning pointework with School of American Ballet teacher Garielle Whittle

Performance Planner: Candyland

Sweet ideas for a candy-inspired recital

Learning to Let Go

Encourage your dancers to spread their wings—without losing them forever.

Dance for All Ages

Tips for age appropriate costumes, music and choreography

August Bournonville

Fun facts on this famed choreographer

2005 Music Guide

More than 25 music companies and their top releases


Costumes to flatter students of all shapes and sizes

Techie Talk

A primer on theater terminology for achieving a professional-looking recital

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