How Audrey Case Found Strength and Inspiration in Her Teacher's Advice
November 30, 2017

Audrey Case is at the top of her game. The Royal Flux dancer and “So You Think You Can Dance” alum with exquisite lines and ethereal stage presence is taking audiences (and
social media) by storm. In each performance, she flies through the air while doing seemingly impossible lifts, tricks and contortions. Her fearlessness has opened doors to movement options that she has made look effortless. To become the accomplished performer she is today, Case found a firm foundation in the love and guidance of her dance teacher Skye Massay-Cook. Check out the advice Massay-Cook gave Case that she feels has been most beneficial.

On picking up choreography

“Skye is a very detail-oriented person. She was very specific about everything our bodies were doing. At the time it seemed a little extreme, but now it is a big blessing to me. I analyze movement differently than my peers and can pick up combinations quickly.”

On inspiration

“I know that this might not be politically correct, and that not everyone believes this, but at my studio, we were raised to pray before we went onstage. Skye always told me to give it to God and to let his light shine through me. This was a huge relief. I would put so much pressure on myself but knowing it was in his hands made me so much less nervous.

“On ‘So You Think You Can Dance,’ I was thrown onto a huge platform. I literally had no idea how I had gotten there. Because of Skye, I was able to reflect back to, ‘God has a plan for me, and if I trust in it, he isn’t going to steer me wrong.’ I prayed all the time and trusted that God knew what was best. That helps me with my nerves to this day.”

You can see Case perform December 2 at the IAMFORCE Gala performance in North Hollywood.

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