April 2010
April 1, 2010

Cover_DT0410Rhapsody in Rhythm

How a street-jazz dancer built one of the most popular classes in New York City

Sparking the Imagination

Lincoln Center Institute uses the arts to revolutionize the way students think and learn.

Technique: Darla Hoover

How I teach arabesque

Bebe Neuwirth

The star talks about originating her first Broadway role.

High Five

Melissa Stokes of Shooting Stars School of Performing Arts


Dancewear for class

Poetry in Motion

Hokulani Holt-Padilla’s hula harmonies

Rethinking Stretching

The best way to warm up for class

Peter Gennaro

The forgotten jazz choreographer

The Clique Conundrum

Dealing with classroom conflicts

See and Be Seen

Peer coaching helps dancers learn.

Act Locally

Community service can boost your business.

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