April 2008
April 1, 2008

Southern Trailblazer

Much more than a dance teacher at a public school, Kelly Burnette reveals the secrets to her success.

Progress Report

No Child Left Behind seems to have left the arts behind, but educators and advocates are working to turn the tide.

Good to Go

DT’s guide to traveling with props, costumes and accessories in tow

In Good Company

What you need to know when starting a school dance troupe

Cool Enough for School

Public school dance teacher Freddie-Lee Heath shares classroom music even a picky preteen could love.


The latest hip-hop styles to hit the scene

Carmen deLavallade

The genre-defying performance legend shares her formative influences and creative process.

Performance Planner: A Year of Dance

Take your audience on a 12-month whirlwind with this show-stopping recital theme.

Robert Joffrey

A groundbreaking teacher, dancer and choreographer

Studio Sounds

Tips on finding and working with musicians for class and performance

Staff Savers

An insider’s take on keeping and motivating employees

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