A Chance to Learn from the Masters
August 24, 2012

This September, Indianapolis City Ballet is launching a master class series that will give their students the chance to work with names they’d typically need to travel to New York City to find. The lineup includes Darci Kistler, Wendy Whelan, Daniel Ulbricht (shown above),  Irina Dvorovenko and Maxim Beloserkovsky, along with Joffrey Academy director Alexei Kremnev and Patrick Armand, who runs the trainee program at San Francisco Ballet.


ICB executive director Kevin Hesse calls the master class series “one of the best investments of time and resources an aspiring dancer can make.” All students should have a chance to soak up a class’ worth of knowledge from a new teacher. Even if you can’t arrange to host legendary dancers, you can still invite outside teachers to give your dancers a taste of something different. Click here for tips on inviting guest teachers to your studio.



Photo: Daniel Ulbricht teaching class at Manhattan Youth Ballet; by Matthew Murphy

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