5 Unconventional Class Activities You Should Try This Month
September 19, 2018

Sometimes dance class can get a little (or a lot) predictable, and your students need something that will spice things up.

For times like these, here are some unconventional class activities your kids will love.

Check ’em out 👇 and in the comments share fun and different class activities you like to do!

1. Play holiday music

This is an easy classic. Play music in class that matches the holiday you celebrate that month. For example, next month is Halloween, so you should go crazy with some spooky Spotify playlists.

Your kids will think it’s super-fun and love you for helping them get into the spirit.

2. Run your numbers to the wrong music

This is a fun teaching exercise that will help your students explore new movement and break out of their shells. If your contemporary routine is set to a Son Lux song, make them do it to a Beyoncé song instead. Trust us. It’s a great idea.

3. Go outside

Take class outside, and have your dancers practice movement in a nearby park. Encourage them to be inspired by the sounds and textures around them. Help them experience something beyond the traditional mirror and marley mold.

4. Have parents join class

Ask parents to participate in class one day. They’ll get to see what your students are working on, and your kids can have a laugh as their dads and moms try to do a grand jeté. Honestly, this idea is brilliant, and if you don’t try it, we will be disappointed.

5. Make a music video of your class combo

Film your dancers doing a combo as if it were a music video. Pan around the room, get close-ups of students’ faces, and show off your dancers’ strengths. This will give your students camera experience and give them something to show their friends and family when they leave.

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