6 Props for Creative Movement
July 15, 2015

Keeping your little ones interested gets a whole lot easier when you bust out the prop box.

Tactillos These rubbery stepping stones make for great tactile discovery—students will love walking on them with bare feet. Best for: toddlers Where to find them: tfhsensoryactivities.com; $99 for a set of 5

Scarves Use multicolored juggling scarves to demonstrate movement quality (smooth versus sharp, free versus bound). Best for: ages 5–6 Where to find them: discountschoolsupply.com; $15.99 for a set of 12

Hoops Create a mini-obstacle course—have students jump over, crawl through or step in and out of them. Bonus: Get collapsible hoops to make traveling with them a breeze. Best for: ages 3–6 Where to find them: orientaltrading.com; $9.99 each

Shakers Students will love having a hand in the class’ musical accompaniment—but be aware that your littlest ones might have a hard time keeping the shakers out of their mouths. Best for: ages 4–6 Where to find them: westmusic.com; $1.50 each

Dots Help your youngsters master spacing by assigning them each a dot to stand on. Or pile the dots up and practice balancing by having your students step on and off the pile. Best for: toddlers Where to find them: musicmotion.com; $24 for a set of 35

Parachute Sure to be the all-star prop in your arsenal, the parachute can become anything, from a Twister board (to work on spatial and body awareness) to a storytelling aid (small shakes equal a bumpy road; ripples become an ocean’s waves). Best for: ages 4–6 Where to find it: wayfair.com; $35.99

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