6 Love Songs That Are Perfect for a Valentine’s Day Class Combo
February 12, 2019

The best way to celebrate a holiday in the dance teacher world is to create a class combo that fits the theme! It’s a sure-fire way to get you and your kiddos into the spirit of the day! So, Valentine’s Day, we recommend some mushy, cheesy, oh-so-wonderful love songs!

Check out these six songs for potential class combo ideas. They’re sure to be a hit.

You’re welcome!

1. I Will Always Love You”: Whitney Houston

Sometimes you just need to turn on a classic song and dance your heart out. Your dancers will be living their best lives to this soul-stretching love ballad.

2. For Island Fires and Family”: Dermot Kennedy

Dermot Kennedy’s music is made for dancing! Create some epic combos to this gorgeous piece of art!

3. Wild Love”: James Bay

Turn on some mood lighting, and encourage your dancers to reach deep into their souls and leave everything they’ve got on the floor when dancing to this song.

4. La Vie En Rose”: Lady Gaga

Jump on the “A Star Is Born” train, people! This song combines one of the world’s most classic love songs with a super-star contemporary artist, and one of the best films of the year. Your dancers will start cheering the moment they hear it come on.

5. I Love You Always Forever”: Betty Who

Truthfully you can’t go wrong with either the Donna Lewis or Betty Who version of this jam, but for some reason Betty’s version makes us want to get up and dance! It’s the perfect song for an across-the-floor combo that incorporates leaps, jumps and turns.

6. Crazy Little Thing Called Love”: Queen

This upbeat classic is the perfect ingredient for a lively class. Create a fun combination to it for Valentine’s Day, and your dancers will go home to their parents to tell them all about what a fun day they had at dance!

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