6 Ballet Instagrams Worth Following
January 2, 2017

Who: American Ballet Theatre
principal James Whiteside
Followers: 96.6K
What you’ll see: a lot of muscles and humor, with a healthy dose of cat photos
What may surprise you: Whiteside moonlights as the drag queen Ühu Betch and pop singer JbDubs.

Who: Royal Ballet principal Lauren Cuthbertson
Followers: 43K
What you’ll see: beauty in the little things—nature, architecture, costume close-ups and tasty treats
We can’t get enough of: Cuthbertson’s natural eye for design

Who: Houston Ballet demi-
soloist Harper Watters
Followers: 47.2K
What you’ll see: physics-defying dance shots, hilarious preshow video montages and Beyoncé tributes
What may surprise you: Watters can dance just as well in pink high heels as he can in ballet shoes.

Who: Sarah Hay, star of “Flesh and Bone”
Followers: 53.6K
What you’ll see: gorgeous self-portraits
Fun fact: Hay recently landed a role on the comedic Showtime series “I’m Dying Up Here.”

Who: San Francisco Ballet and American Ballet Theatre principal Maria Kochetkova
Followers: 157K
What you’ll see: variety—from landscapes to production photos to fun with friends
We can’t get enough of: Kochetkova’s zany wardrobe, both in the studio and on the street

Who: American Ballet Theatre
principal Misty Copeland
Followers: 1.2 million
What you’ll see: her many endorsement deals, photo shoots, red-carpet appearances and press features
For some Insta-inspiration: Peruse Copeland’s motivational quotes and shout-outs to aspiring young dancers.

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