5 Self-Massage Tools to Have on Hand
April 20, 2015

Dancing all the time means you battle aches and pains all the time, too. And while you can’t cart your favorite Brookstone massage chair with you everywhere, you can travel with any of these handy self-massage tools. Or just store them in your studio.

Foam roller Rollers come in different densities, so choose your hardness based on your pain tolerance. Use a roller for your iliotibial band (IT), along the outside of your thigh.



Wooden foot roller It’s compact enough to keep next to you at the barre, to roll out those pesky foot cramps when they pop up.



Tennis ball Best for smaller sections of the body—like the hamstrings, glutes and feet—a tennis ball can soften knots or release your trigger points.




Thera cane It might look weird, but it’s the the Thera cane’s unusual shape that helps you access your hardest-to-reach spots. (Between the shoulder blades, anyone?)



Still Point Inducer Place it at the base of your skull and just relax into a gradual loosening of your neck and head. The best part? You use it while lying down.





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