5 Pinterest Boards to Follow
January 21, 2015

Pinterest has become the go-to for creative inspiration (and, sometimes, procrastination). Check out DT’s dance-teacher.com board—for exercises, vintage photos, dance news and more—and here are five of our favorite boards to follow. Happy pinning!


Stage Makeup board by Harlequin Floors’ The World Dances

Need ideas for stage makeup? This board is packed with tutorials to inspire fresh looks.



Wonderful Dance & Ballet Inspired Fashion board by dance blog The Wonderful World of Dance

Fit for a fashionista, this board celebrates ballet’s influence on the fashion world. Expect plenty of full skirts, dainty shoes and even tips on updating the classic bun.



Dance Quotes board by Diablo Ballet

When you need a little pick-me-up, surf this board for some dance-related pinspiration. You’ll find motivational words of wisdom (“Dance is a little insanity that does a lot of good”) and even a little humor (“You don’t scare me, I teach dance”).



Healthy Recipes for Dancers board by Dance Magazine

Try not to let your mouth water as you peruse delicious-looking recipes for the dancer lifestyle. (We also love DM’s “Tap!” and “Cover Outtakes” boards.)


Movement As Muse board by dance Tumblr DANCE Movement As Muse

This collection of pins includes breathtaking dance photography and videography. Swooning optional.






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