5 Dancer Vlogs You Should Be Watching
February 28, 2018

Professional dancers from all over the world are jumping on the vlog train, and we are so here for it. They make us laugh, they give us useful advice, and they show us what daily life is like as a working professional—what more could we want? Sit down, relax, be inspired and laugh ’til you cry watching these YouTube videos—you deserve it!

Here are five of our current favorites you all need to check out. Let us know what other dance vlogs you love by commenting on our Facebook page, or at the end of this post.

1. Haley Fitzgerald

It turns out Haley is not only a fantastic commercial dancer (currently working as a backup dancer for Jennifer Lopez), but a delightfully entertaining vlogger as well. She is witty, weird and shamelessly self-deprecating—everything you need to be to survive in this crazy industry. Check out her vlog every Wednesday, you won’t regret it!

2. Claudia Dean

If you’re looking for ballet tips, tricks and hacks, Claudia is definitely your girl! From ballet hairstyles to pointe shoe hacks, to the secret to higher extensions, the former Royal Ballet dancer shares her wisdom with the world, and we are SO thankful!

3. Michaela DePrince

We can always count on Michaela DePrince to inspire us with her dancing, and her vlog is no different! Check out this video in which she takes us behind the scenes at Dutch National Ballet and shares a bit of her journey getting back onstage after a recent injury.

4. Jenna Dewan Tatum

We about cried when we found out Jenna Dewan Tatum had a YouTube channel. She stole our hearts back in 2006 with her hit movie Step Up, and we’ve been OBSESSED with her ever since. Check out our favorite video she’s posted so far! She shares her original Step Up audition, and it’s absolutely adorable.

5. Harper Watters

He’s hilarious, talented, and VERY handsome—everything you could ask for in a dance vlogger, really. Check out his latest videos and be prepared to laugh ’til you cry! He’s just so awesome.

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