4 Things NOT to Do at an Audition
September 11, 2017

At some point in their training, most dancers will likely audition for a summer intensive, school production, commercial gig or professional company. How they present themselves from beginning to end can play a huge role in determining their level of success. Here’s a list of what your dancer’s should avoid doing.

Don’t reinvent the combination. “Dancers should pay close attention and do what is being asked of them,” says William Whitener, former director of Kansas City Ballet.

Avoid poor spatial awareness. “Make sure you switch lines when asked,” says choreographer Marty Kudelka. “When people get rude, it draws negative attention really quickly.”

Don’t overdo it. “Dancers should keep it simple and not hop around trying to do extra turns,” says Olivier Munoz, of Orlando Ballet School.

Don’t space out. “Listen to everything and apply corrections,” says Kudelka. “If I have to say the same thing three times, I’m going to watch someone else.”

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