4 Dancewear Trends You’ll See at Nationals This Year
July 9, 2019

Here’s the inside scoop on four current dancewear trends you can expect to see at Nationals this summer. Share them with your students, so their clothes can be on fleek while they wow teachers and judges with the fabulous technique you’ve been perfecting.


Combining muted neutrals with bold prints: By pairing a more subtle tone (think dull pastels, grays or black) with a loud print, dancers can find the perfect balance of making a statement while keeping the look sophisticated.

Unique ways of combining fitted pieces with to+from styles to create contrasting silhouettes: We will see dancers this summer mixing classic fitted pieces (open-back leotards, sleek bra tops, etc.) with unexpected to+from styles like baggy running shorts or oversized tees. The mix of fitted and baggy creates an interesting line to the body, and an extra sense of movement. Pro tip: Any to+from style can become oversized…just go up a size or two!

Crop-length bra tops and high-waisted leggings: Less is more with this trend. Showing less skin by pairing a long-line bra top and high-waisted bottoms gives dancers an air of elegance and maturity, without covering up too much.

Tone-on-tone matching: A fun trend that we will see at Nationals is putting together two different tones of a similar color. Try a hazy light purple styled with a slightly darker purple, or an army green next to a richer, darker green color. This not-quite-matching trend is a cool way to play on the matchy-match trend we’ve seen for the last few seasons. For a bolder approach, try it with two similar prints!

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