3 Videos You Need to Watch This St. Paddy’s Day
March 17, 2016

Michael Flatley, in full Feet of Flames regalia

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! You’re probably scrambling right now to find something green to wear so your students don’t pinch you in class later, but why not take a minute to familiarize yourself with Irish step dancing, a genre largely unknown to those of us who grew up studying ballet, tap and jazz?

If you were semi-conscious in the late ’90s, you know what Riverdance is. Michael Flatley and his blonde, flowing locks gave Irish step dancing new popularity. The entire video is great, of course (How do they travel so far and so fast without port de bras?!), but things heat up when the tappers arrive.


More recently, Innova Irish Dance Company gave the dance form a fresh perspective on “Britain’s Got Talent,” jigging to popular tunes, rather than traditional Irish music. Even Simon Cowell smiles. (!)


And lastly, my personal favorite, as it was one of my favorite commercials, growing up—the Irish step dancer who needs her Folgers in order to get out of bed and rehearse. May the coffee rise up to meet you!


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