3 Dance-Specific Podcasts You'll Love on Your Daily Commute
November 28, 2018

You can also enjoy them at home or use them in a college-level course you are teaching. They are multipurpose resources for artists.

Dance Like Everyone’s Watching

Andrea Muhlbauer’s podcast features interviews with dancers throughout the United States as well as internationally based artists. She has produced more than 100 to date. Muhlbauer does an excellent job capturing many different viewpoints and paths in the field, highlighting artists eager to share a great variety of career paths and dance styles with the wider dance community through the podcast format. You will hear thoughtful conversations with Broadway artists, commercial dancers, college professors, performers, choreographers and teaching artists.

Dance Place Radio

The nonprofit Dance Place in Washington, DC, offers a podcast as a way for audience members to engage with upcoming guest artists and events. Listen before or after you see a show. Co-hosts Christopher K. Morgan and Amanda Blythe conduct the interviews and offer a window into process and projects.

The Dance Union

New York City–based artist J. Bouey launches a podcast each Tuesday, co-hosted by Bessie Award–winning dancer, choreographer and writer Melanie Greene. The Dance Union podcast feels like hanging out with friends in a living room, having a lively and in-depth conversation about the dance field. It uses humor and personal stories to explore each topic, ranging from self-care to teaching and auditioning.

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