So Is Cheryl Burke the New Abby? (And Is That Better?)
April 5, 2017

Whether you consider “Dance Moms” a guilty pleasure or a legitimate depiction of competitive studio life (or maybe you just don’t consider it at all, these days), you’re definitely aware that change is brewing for the Lifetime TV show. Abby Miller (DT, October 2012) just announced she’s leaving the show after seven seasons and under less-than-ideal circumstances (bankruptcy fraud claims, feuds with producers). And it appears that “Dancing with the Stars” ballroom performer Cheryl Burke (DT, October 2009) will be taking the helm—at least according to Burke’s latest Instagram posts:

There’s a lot to unpack here, but—especially if you’re a fan of the show and watch it semi-religiously—what are your thoughts? Are you glad to see Miller go? Do you think Burke will take the show in a different direction? (Do you even care?)

Guess we’ll have to wait ’til the next season airs to learn the real story (or what the producers want us to think is the real story, at least).

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