Classroom Management Issues: How to Deal
March 11, 2016

Find yourself giving too many talking-tos? It’s time to define the consequences.

In our March issue’s Theory & Practice column, we offer solutions to six common classroom management issues. How do you deal with etiquette problems at your studio?

“My juniors won’t stop texting at the barre between combinations.”

Solution: Enforce (realistic) technology boundaries. While teachers might prefer students not use cell phones at all, that’s no longer a realistic rule since parents expect their children to have constant contact. Try limiting their use of mobile devices instead. “Just like I could check my phone while I’m on break from rehearsal, the kids can check their phones on their five-minute break,” Hall says. Some studios require students to leave their phones in the break room. Konrad allows hers to have phones (in bags) in the studio, but ensures that they’re on silent—by answering any ringing phones herself.

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