17 Random Acts of Kindness Ideas for Studios
March 1, 2019

Service and kindness are important aspects of studio life. As we all know, we aren’t just teaching dancers, we are helping develop generous, loving human beings. To help you accomplish that, we’ve curated 17 random acts of kindness for you to consider incorporating into your studio’s schedule. Your students will learn how to better serve the world around them, and the happy memories will stay with them forever.

Check them out, and let us know what acts of kindness your studio is already incorporating over on our Facebook page!

1. Assign each of your students to write a letter to a friend. Encourage them to share all the things they admire about them—elements of their dancing, character and work ethic.

2. Have a solo night when your dancers perform their pieces for each other, and they are given three pieces of positive feedback from their friends in the room to help boost their confidence.

3. Have a costume exchange at the end of the year, when older dancers can pass down old costumes they never wear anymore to the next generation who may not be able to afford them.

4. Assign veteran dancers at the studio to support a new dancer with their transition to your team. Have the veterans help the new student get to their classes on time. Encourage the veterans to introduce the new dancer to new friends, and help them understand the rules and culture of your studio.

5. Take your dancers to perform in hospitals and assisted-living centers around your neighborhood.

6. Provide one scholarship per year for an underprivileged student in your community.

7. Take your students on an excursion to do yard work for widows in your area.

8. Help your students make dinner for an injured dancer in the studio to helped them know they are loved during their recovery.

9. Host a cleanup project in which dancers can help pick up trash around your neighborhood.

10. Do a food drive in which your dancers collect cans of food for people in need.

11. Encourage dancers to carpool with one another in order to lighten the load for each of their parents. (This is also good for the environment, so it’s a win-win.)

12. Assign your students to write thank-you letters to their parents for all that they do.

13. Encourage your dancers to do something fun for each of their teammates on their birthdays—especially those who are lonely or struggling. This could include bringing them a treat, singing to them or giving them a birthday card.

14. Have your dancers research retired professional ballet dancers from a company in your area. Encourage them to reach out, and if they are able, go and record the older dancer’s life story. Encourage them to use their multimedia skills to get the story online, so the experiences can be shared with family and friends. This will help the elderly dancer feel valued and important, and it will allow your students to learn more about the history of dance in your area.

15. Have a bake sale to raise money for a cause of your dancer’s choice.

16. Request donations for refugee families during your end-of-year recital, and match all of the money that is raised.

17. Remind your students how talented they are, and how proud of them you are.

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