14 U.S. Dancers Chosen for Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo
August 19, 2015

The 14 U.S. dancers in front of Edinburgh Castle

Across the pond in a small but spectacular country named Scotland originated a peculiar dance done on the balls of the feet, wearing a kilt. This beautiful and highly athletic form is called Highland dance, and I had the pleasure of studying it as a child. Though I no longer practice Highland dance, I still get excited when I see it in the news.

Fourteen U.S. dancers were chosen to perform at the 66th Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo in Scotland, August 7–29. This was the first year that the audition for the event was open to American dancers. The lucky 14 have joined 52 other dancers from Scotland, Canada and Australia, to demonstrate the best of the best in Highland dance.

Congratulations to this year’s U.S. dancers:

–       Alison Ashworth

–       Megan Ashworth

–       Sarah Clark

–       Caroline Drummond

–       Maty Ennis

–       Marciane Foote

–       Emily Janoski

–       Arbie Karasek

–       Elizabeth Ochs

–       Jennifer Ochs

–       Brigid Peyton

–       Elise Roy

–       Hannah Schreitmueller

–       Annika Strolle

The 66th Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo is happening right now! Daily presentations by bagpipers, drummers, singers and dancers occur before an on-site audience of 220,000 and an even greater television audience worldwide, so tune in.

For more info visit: edintattoo.co.uk.

Caroline Drummond dancing the Seann Triubhas

Photos courtesy of Campbell School of Highland Dance.

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