3 Standout Acts From the Season 2 Premiere of "World of Dance"
May 30, 2018

“World of Dance” is back for Season 2, and it already has us on our feet. The talent is next-level, the stories are emotional and J.Lo’s hoop earrings could double as real-life hula hoops (Yassss queen 😍). Summer is upon us, and we are absolutely LIVING for this show, guys!

In case you missed the premiere, or you just loved it so much you want to relive the dance magic again with us, here are three standout performances from last night that we can’t get over.

1. Karen y Ricardo

Oh. My. Gosh. Are they for real? Their chemistry alone had us fangirling. Not to mention their mind-blowing lifts, technical prowess and crisp timing! Hats off to these two. We can’t wait to see what they bring to the next stage of the competition.

2. Jaxon Willard

This dancer’s piece was so emotional it gave us chills. His choreography reminded the audience that there’s strength in vulnerability and it’s OK to feel emotion. His movement was powerful, his tricks were impressive and his choreography was captivating. Jaxon gets two big thumbs up from us!

3. Desi Hoppers

Desi Hoppers, the self-proclaimed “One Direction of India” are the hip-hop/Bollywood fusion we didn’t know we needed right now. Their crisp, detailed movement drew from traditional Bollywood dances, but morphed into a groove that made Jenna Dewan exclaim, “Oooh! This is funky!” We’re looking forward to drooling over our new favorite boy group this summer!

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