This Woman Danced Her Way to a Fit Pregnancy (AND Post-Partum)
June 1, 2017

Gemma Marin’s Instagram is a delight, and not just because she’s a model/dancer/actress with an eye for fitness. Throughout her recent pregnancy, she shared videos of herself (and her partner, boxer Israel Duffus) grooving everywhere: most often in her living room, but also out salsa dancing and even in the hospital during a false labor. She asked her followers to record themselves dancing with their friends or partners for a #pregnancydancingchallenge giveaway, too. One of her most popular videos was taken back in February—and now, after delivering baby girl Alexandra, she re-created the February video, with clips of her dancing while pregnant spliced in. (It’s not surprising that Marin looks amazing, post-delivery, given how often she danced and exercised.)

Yay, Gemma! And congratulations on your baby girl.

As we’ve written about before, dancing during pregnancy definitely changes a few things, posture- and pelvic-support-wise. Whether you’re expecting or coaching a dancer through her pregnancy, you’ll want to know what our experts advise to best support a pregnancy physically, emotionally and mentally.

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