“Studios-Giving” Should Be a Thing This Year and Forever More
November 20, 2018

Thanksgiving is spent with family, and Friends-giving is spent with friends, but what about a meal in which we celebrate our dance studio that consists of both our family AND friends??

We propose all dance studios celebrate “Studios-giving” every year from now until forever more!

Here’s how you should do it:

Host the meal at the studio (but put a tarp down on the floor to protect your Marley). Ask your office staff to decorate the space, and the teachers to cleanup while you as the studio owner cook both the Turkey and gravy.

Then, assign each team a different part of the meal. For example, Minis could be cranberry sauce, Juniors could be yams/mashed potatoes, Teens could be rolls, and seniors cold be desserts! Hopefully your dance moms will be super excited about the idea (let’s be real, they love stuff like this so you have nothing to worry about) and help their kids knock their assignments out of the studio!

The party will be a hit and your team will bond together like never before! Be sure to include an exercise where you go around the table and ask each of your students to say something about dance that they’re grateful for this year. You’re sure to get lots of gushy feelings about how much they love each other. Which is perfect because that’s what you need at this time of year! Mission accomplished!

Let us know if you take our advice on this, and tag us in all of your “Studios-giving” festivity pictures!

Oh, and by the way, this year we’re most thankful for you!!


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