5 Dancer Weddings You Have to See
June 6, 2019

It’s wedding season, people! Which, of course, means we are reminiscing on dancer weddings past. In our opinion, nobody does a wedding quite like a dancer or dance teacher. We were born to be extra—and it shows!

We rounded up photos we’ve been reminiscing about, and here are some of our favorites.

We know, we know—YOU’RE WELCOME!


1. Jenna Johnson Chmerkovskiy and Val Chmerkovskiy

These two “Dancing with the Stars” ballroom phenoms tied the knot on April 13 this year, and it looked like the party of the century. Oh, to be a fly on the wall during their first dance. Can you even imagine the level of technique?

2. Sara Mearns and Joshua Bergasse

New York City Ballet principal married Broadway and television choreographer on November 3, 2018 in a stunning beach ceremony in North Carolina. NYCB costume director Marc Happel designed Mearns’ wedding gown, and a slew of NYCB dancers were in attendance. We can only imagine how graceful that walk down the aisle must have been!

3. Allison Holker and tWitch

Aw, this boss couple will always have our hearts. Their dancing is unreal, and their devotion to each other makes us melt! The fact that they met on “So You Think You Can Dance” is the cherry on top!

4. Chantel Aguirre and Michael Keefe

Are we kidding? These shots from Chantel Aguirre and Michael Keefe’s 2017 wedding are like something from a fairytale, and we are so here for it. What’s more? They just had a darling baby boy. Can you imagine the level of rhythm and grace that child is going to have?

5. Janell Ginestra-Adams and WilldaBeast Adams

We all knew this wedding was going to be incredible even before we learned that they would be live-streaming it. These two wildly talented choreographers got married September 3, 2018 in a stunning seaside ceremony with the whole commercial dance world watching, if not in person, online at home.

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