Watch the Little Girl From Missy Elliott’s Videos Prove She Can Still Work It
February 17, 2015

Stoner, right, all grown up


Remember Alyson Stoner? You might know her as the mischievous ringleader in the Cheaper By the Dozen 2003 remake—or maybe you recall her showing off her formidable hip-hop dance skills in rapper Missy Elliott’s videos for “Work It” and “I’m Really Hot.” (Stoner was a preteen for both, unbelievably.)

She’s recently surfaced again, thanks to a tribute video she made for Elliott in the wake of her ridiculously good Super Bowl performance. Stoner’s dance moves as a 10-year-old were no fluke—her video proves that she still has fierce dance chops. The choreography is a mix of Hi-Hat’s original stuff from the Elliott videos, along with some of Stoner’s own moves and contributions from a few others. It’s a fun little mash-up: There’s a dancer who plays Elliott, as well as someone who plays “Little Alyson.”

The video ends with a short, sweet speech by Stoner to Elliott, thanking her for making it all possible. You gotta love a dancer who doesn’t forget her roots!


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