This Dance Teacher's Fiancé Proposed at Her Studio's Recital
June 6, 2017

As if recital season isn’t stressful/exciting enough, imagine your S.O. popping the question during the recital…onstage?! #RelationshipGoals

“I had actually been told that I would never find someone because dance studio owners, we’re too busy,” says Carli Renee Thornton, owner of Studio 147 in Red Oak, Iowa. Well, she proved all of her naysayers wrong. After coordinating with Thornton’s mom and the oldest group of dancers to help him plan, Thornton’s boyfriend Brent proposed at the “Once Upon A Time”-themed June 3 recital.

“As all studio owners know, we can sometimes have thankless and stressful jobs,” says Thornton, “and he has always been my sounding board and shoulder to cry on when things get tough and I want to give up.”

Watch the sweet proposal, which happened right before the finale:

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