The “World of Dance” Performances This Season That People Can’t Stop Watching
April 17, 2019

“WOD” is back for Season 3, and once again, the internet is loving it! How much do they love it, you ask? Well they’ve watched many of the dances millions of times, so it’s safe to say—A WHOLE LOT! We did some research and discovered which dances have been watched the most since Season 3’s premiere, and the results may surprise you.

Here are the top-four most viewed “WOD” videos of the season so far! Let us know your favorite over on our Facebook page!


The Kings Blow the Judges Away with an Incredible Routine – “World of Dance” 2019 (Full Performance)


The Crazy 8’s Wow the Judges to “Keeping Your Head Up” – “World of Dance” 2019 (Full Performance)


Poppin John Proves Himself as a Master of His Craft – “World of Dance” 2019 (Full Performance)


The Heima’s “La La La” Routine Is Absolutely Incredible – “World of Dance” 2019 (Full Performance)

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