That’s Entertainment Is the Competition That Really Gets It
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September 7, 2021

Studio owners might just leave their first That’s Entertainment Performing Arts competition feeling like they couldn’t have planned the weekend better themselves. That’s no accident: Director RoseMary Pontuck’s family spent years running their own dance studio before launching That’s Entertainment. The team’s fundamental understanding of what studios—and dancers—need now shows up in every detail and in every city, from the thoughtful way that levels of competition are classified to the kind of customer service where everyone is treated like a VIP.Courtesy That’s Entertainment

That friendly environment shouldn’t be taken to mean any less than a professional atmosphere, though. “We’re proud that we connect dancers to opportunities like dancing in music videos, and to other real-life dance-industry experiences,” Pontuck says. “At the same time, we all feel that we have the honor of not just teaching kids about dance, but about life. Our motto is that competition is a wonderful thing, but it’s not everything.” With That’s Entertainment, dancers build their professional network and their love of dance—all while learning and growing from each other in a warm, supportive environment.Courtesy That’s Entertainment

There couldn’t be a more exciting time than the upcoming 2021–22 season to join the fun that is performing at a That’s Entertainment event. This season will see the competition greeting Tampa, FL, and the West Coast for the very first time, with new stops in San Francisco and Orange County, as well as Phoenix, AZ, and Las Vegas, NV. Not only that, but this upcoming season That’s Entertainment is kicking off an optional dance convention to add on to the experience of its tried-and-true competition format. Studios will be able to supplement the weekend with all of the master classes (taught by industry professionals) that they want, offered in a wide range of styles.

Speaking of variety, That’s Entertainment isn’t merely a dance competition. Matching recent industry trends that have seen dancers become multi-hyphenate or triple-threat performers, TE also offers opportunities for young performers to compete in modeling, singing, acting and acrobatics. Vocal winners at the national level have the chance to win a free single to be written, recorded and produced by pros.Courtesy That’s Entertainment

Glancing at the year ahead, Pontuck is excited to help studios and their performers greet what will hopefully be the first post-COVID competition season. As she says, “After the stress of COVID and being so cautious of everything around us, I’m looking forward to everyone feeling comfortable dancing and performing around each other again.” With opportunities for everyone to share their talents—from itty-bitty recreational dancers to older teens who are prepared for professional auditions—That’s Entertainment is the perfect event for comp kids who are eager to embrace all the joys of the post-virus dance world.

Call 877-572-9415 to learn more about how your studio’s dancers can grow and learn at one of That’s Entertainment’s 2021–22 events.Courtesy That’s Entertainment

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