Technology: Tempo Magic Pro App
May 1, 2014

Music tempo application for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch; $4.99 in iTunes

It’s the classic problem: You’ve created a great dégagé combination for your ballet class, and you already have the accompanying piece of music in mind that you know your students will love—only to discover, minutes before class starts, that the tempo isn’t right. With Tempo Magic Pro, you can change the beats per minute, or BPM, of any song, without changing the pitch. You can even change the tempo multiple times within the same song. Say good-bye to high-speed chipmunk lyrics and mega-slow zombie vocals! There are no lengthy uploads or importing required, either—Tempo Magic Pro adjusts any playlist straight from your iPod.

It’s the versatility of Tempo Magic Pro that makes it ideal for dance teachers: You can jump to any point in a track or within the playlist itself without needing to reset your desired BPM. Or, if you prefer not to fuss with your music during class or rehearsal, you can set your playlist to play continuously, without gaps, allowing you to transition from one combination right into another. Your music will play perfectly in the background, too, if you need to use your device to multitask.

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