Find Out What Kent Boyd Has Been Up To Since "So You Think You Can Dance"
March 29, 2017

Life hasn’t slowed down for Kent Boyd since he was named runner-up on “So You Think You Can Dance” in 2010. As a faculty member with the L.A.-based competition and convention Hollywood Vibe, he spends 19 weekends a year traveling the country to teach on top of his already busy schedule as a freelance dance and film artist. “‘SYT’ gave me the diving board, and I got to choose how I got to dive into the water,” he says.

Boyd dove into teaching headfirst. At Hollywood Vibe, he teaches musical theater to the teens and seniors, but it’s jazz with the juniors and the minis where he really thrives. “Kids today are so crazy talented. They can absorb knowledge and pick up choreography and style at such a rapid pace,” he says. “But my thing with the younger kids is to just make sure that they stay connected to why they love it, so that when they get older, they don’t burn out.” He keeps the atmosphere fun by choosing music they enjoy and staying energetic and positive.

Fitting a full class into an hour, or sometimes just 45 minutes, is a challenge, but Boyd finds that setting an intention helps him stay on track. “My main goal this year is to get the kids to not think twice and to trust their instincts,” he says, regarding the increasing anxiety he sees in young dancers. “Usually their energy and tone and attack are exactly correct, though. They know what to do. It’s brilliant.”

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