Tappers Dominate “The Cups Song”
October 16, 2013

Between rehearsals, classes and multiple shows each day, Broadway performers don’t have much free time, which makes this new video even more extraordinary. A crew of Broadway dancers somehow worked it into their schedules to create an adorable crowd-pleaser of a tap routine to hit song “Cups (Pitch Perfect’s ‘When I’m Gone’)” by Anna Kendrick, made famous in the movie Pitch Perfect.

The song’s percussion stands out because it’s based on a familiar hand-clapping, cup-slapping game kids have been playing for years. Led by Chistopher Rice, a swing from The Book of Mormon, these dancers take that sound to a new level, drawing out intricacies and adding syncopation and spaces to the rhythm of an otherwise basic folk pop song. My favorite part is the male trio with those snazzy brushes and turns, but the whole thing is pretty swell.

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